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Dana Delany is a renowned American movie, stage, and television actresses, a musician, news presenter, producers, and health activist. She is famous for starring in Colleen McMurphy drama that as shown on ABC television. She gained fame after getting the nomination and clinching the Primetime Emmy award for exceptional performance in the Leading role in the TV series in 1989 and 1992, respectively. She is very beautiful, talented, and creative when it comes to movie and drama performances.

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Dana Delany
  • Delany was born 13th March in 1956 in New York City, the United States of America.  She is currently 64 years of age. Dana honors her birthday with colorful celebrations on every 13th March of every year.
  • Delany grew up at Stamford, Connecticut, with her siblings and parents. She is of Irish and English descent. She is of American nationality and speaks fluent Geigle language, a native language for the Irelanders. Dana was brought up in a roman catholic setup. Currently, the actress and film producer is a democrat in the political sphere.
  • Delany commenced acting in New York City during daytime Soap operas. She featured in the famous Broadway Blood Moon in the year 1983, the series that made her famous in the industry.  She joined the Big screen in the year 1981, in a horror movie, The Fan, directed by Edward Bianchi. Her exceptional performance and effective role interpretation landed her a lead role in the Colleen McMurphy that made her famous and got awards.
  • Dana was born to Mary and Jack Danley in the New York city of the United States of America. Unfortunately, she lost her beloved father and great fan in the year 1981 to pancreatic cancer. She has a younger beautiful sister name Corey Delany and a bigger brother Sean Delany. She is of Irish and English descent. The family had strong Roman Catholic beliefs, and she grew up in knowing the virtues and beliefs of the catholic church. Her parents were wonderful enough to support her acting career, the dream she has like a little child.
  • Dana is a beautiful woman of average body stature and appears to be taller than objects in the apographs. She is 5 feet and six inches (1.68 meters) in height and weighs approximately 132lbs (62kg).
  • Delany joined Philips Academy located in Andover, Massachusetts, for her senior years, where she was privileged few members of the first school’s first co-educational class. In 1974, she wrote an op-ed about her life and experience in a one-year student during her first year in the co-education. Delany played a main role in the Nellie Forbush in the school spring, a musical production of South Pacific contrary to peter Kapetan and Emile.  She also featured in the student video as directed by Jonathan Meath, a fellow classmate, and in a film taught by Steve Mark. Delany graduated with an academic honor cum laude, graduating as a senior with 80 points out of 378. She later featured in a theater performance as a major character at the Wesleyan University, where she has been working as stock productions on her vacations.  She later graduated from the university in the year 1978.
  • Dana is currently single and yet to get married, although she has been in relationships in recent years. She was in love with Henry Czerny between 1993-1997. She also loved and engaged Don Henley in love relations in 1987, Treat Williams, in 1981-1984. She was also engaged with Hollywood actor Dave Holmes, a relationship that was announced by two parties on different occasions. Dana Delany has no successful relationship, and currently, she is childless. She hopes to get a suitable man that is intelligent, funny, and kind in nature. 
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Dana Delany
  • Delany has also starred in many other TV shows between 1978 and 1998 that are not covered in this article. She is, however, renowned for effective role interpretation, exceptional performance, and creativity in the course of acting.
  • Delany played a critical role in the television drama as Colleen McMurphy, the drama China Breach that was aired on the ABC television channel between 1988-1991. Her outstanding performance in the Lead Role earned her the Primetime Emmy Award twice in the year 1989 and 1992. 
  • Delany has been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, acting and producing movies. She has also worked as a presenter, producer, and health activist for a long time. She is believed to have gathered a lot of wealth in the course of her career. She is rated to be worth $10 million, making her one of the richest, influential, and powerful USA actresses.
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