10 Interesting Facts About Dee Dee Gatton You Do Not Wish to Miss Out

Dee Dee Gatton is an American evening anchor and special projects reporter currently working at Fox Springfield and Fox News Channel as a news producer, anchor and reporter.  Before joining She also worked at KPNX-Phoenix as a reporter serving as evening and morning news anchor. She is very attractive and dedicated news journalists that amaze her fans with swag and good English.

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Dee Dee Gatton
  • Dee was born to both parents and raised in Washington, D.C, United States of America. Details about Gatton’s date of birth are not available, keep a tab, and we shall upload the details once we access it.
  • Dee Dee Gatton was born and raised by both parents in Washington, DC. She holds American Citizenship and Nationality. Gatton has kept a low profile about her family, and she has not disclosed details about her parents and siblings. Keep a tab, and we shall update the details once we access them.
  • Gatton was privileged to have joined the College of William and Mary where she acquired her degree and graduated with Summa Cum Laude with a degree in English Literature. Her original ambition was to become a lawyer, but she changed her minds and pursued journalism that her current occupation. Gatton learned and graduated with the Spanish Language. She perfected her Spanish language skills while she was staying in Spain for a year during her college life.
  • Dee Dee Gatton appears taller than most of the objects around her in most of her pictures. She has an attractive slender, curvy body. Her exact height and weight details are missing. The onscreen goddess beauty is complimented by light brown skin, attractive black eyes, and brown hair. She has not disclosed her body measurements. Keep tab, and we shall upload the details once we lay our fingers on it.
  • Gatton has been in a love relationship with her companion Dyer for some time before getting engaged Gatton in 2017 September. It is believed that the two have married and are living a happy life. However, the couple has remained mute on their love relationship, and it is not clear if they got married, they have children or not.
  • Dee Dee Gatton is one journalist that keep a low profile on personal life. She only got engaged to Dyer in 2007, and it is not yet clear if the beautiful journalists have children or not. Just Keep tab, and we shall avail the details once we access it.
  • Dee Dee hustled for life immediately after college by trading cactus in Washington DC to raise capital for her businesses. After her college life, Dee Dee Gatton joined various media houses where she perfected her journalism career.
  • In 2013, Gatton secured employment with KVAL Eugene television network where she worked as journalist and news anchor. She anchored a 2-hour weekend newscasting, live event coverage and working on special projects.
  • In 2014, Gatton left the Eugene television and joined KLSR working as a broadcaster and news producer. She was so effective in news production, and she was made the executive producer determine the contents be aired on KLSR Television. Gatton was also allocated roles of interviewing and hosting the afternoon discussions, story patches, and discharged diligently alongside her normal news anchoring and executive production.
  • In 2015, Gatton signed a work agreement with Phoenix, based in Arizona in the United States of America, resulting in her employment as a news reporter, news anchor and breaking news anchor. She was engaged in a lot of activities including live reporting, production of weekend news, coverage of special projects and live event coverage, at Phoenix. Gatton is remembered for her outstanding anchoring of Morning Live Traffic and breaking news.
  • Gatton joined WICS News Channel 20 also called Fox Illinois News and worked as a news anchor, reporter and host. She worked as a news anchor and producer for a short while before quitting the television channel to join her current home, Fox Springfield.  She worked with co-anchors like Stacy Skrysak and John Rager. She was assigned as the news anchor to broadcast the 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm Newscast for Fox Springfield.  She also anchors the 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm newscast on the Fox News Channel 20. Her core anchors were John Hans and Stacy Skrysak.
  • Gatton receives an annual average salary of $48,300.  She is, therefore, one of the highest-paid journalists in the United States of America.
  • Gatton has an estimated Net Worth 200K dollars.  The net Worth includes all her assets, shares, investments and cash she owns. Gatton derives her enormous wealth from the journalism and acting career, and small investments she has undertaken.
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