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Kalen Beatrice Kanze Dena is a Swahili Kenyan journalist and news director anchoring the Citizen Nipashe and Citizen Wikendi.  She is currently working at the State House Spokesperson and Head of the Presidential Strategies and Communication Unit in the Republic of Kenya. She is from Duruma, a sub-tribe of Mijikenda in Kwale county of Kenya. Previously she was a news anchor who focused on current affairs, political facts, and entertainment. He used to work with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and later Citizen TV, but he resigned from the Citizen channel in June 2018. He was appointed as the spokesperson in the office of the president.

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Kanze Dena
  • Kanze Dena was born in 1979 in Mazeras, Kwale county of Kenya, and she is currently 41 years old as of 2020. She was born in a family of six children, and she is the 4th born.
  • Kanze Dena has four sisters and one brother whom she loves dearly. Kanze and her siblings were raised by a single mother, Jane Dena, as her father left them when she was four years old. Her mom died of cancer in the year 2007 when her brother was one year old.
  • Dena acquired her primary education in Kianjokoma Boarding School, currently known as St. Mathews Kianjokoma in Embu County. She was later enrolled in Kyeni Girls High School, still in Embu County.  After completing secondary school, Kanze joined the Secretarial College in Nairobi, where she studied Journalism and Mass Communication. After her o-level, she wanted to join the premier Kenya Medical Training College, which she started, but without succeeding, she quit.
  • Kanze Dena got married on Saturday to a handsome and loving guy called Nick Mararo. The marriage was done in a traditional ceremony where Mararo paid dowry and exchanged vows with the former Citizen TV journalist. The wedding was attended by only close relatives and friends whose phones were to be left at the main entrance to avoid leaking of wedding photos on social media. Their marriage was blessed with a son whose name is Amani.
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Kanze Dena with husband Nick Mararo
  • Kanze was working as a waitress in a certain restaurant before she went to college. Immediately after her college studies, she got a job as a secretary. She thereafter worked with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as an intern and later on promoted to the level of reading bulletins on KBC radio at 4.00 PM. Later on, she moved to Citizen TV, where she worked as a news anchor and news director at Royal Media Services.
  • On the 15th of June, 2018, she received an appointment to serve as the Deputy State House Spokesperson in charges made in the Presidential Communication Unit. Waita Nzioka, the chief of staff, said that Kanze’s appointment would enhance quality and maximize communication from the presidency. After six weeks of her appointment as a spokesperson, she was promoted to work as a Statehouse Spokesperson and the head of the Presidential Strategic and Communication Unit.
  • After resigning from the KBC, Kanze worked with Citizen TV as of 2007. She anchored the Citizen show alongside other journalists like Lulu Hassan, whom she became a good friend and colleague too. When Kanze left the Citizen show on the 10th of June 2018, her colleague, Lulu Hassan, cried for her for she was a good friend to her. She used to earn approximately KSh250, 000 at the Royal Media Services.
  • As a presidential Statehouse spokesperson, she is paid around $8000 monthly. She also gets allowances approximated to be $2500 per month.
  • Kanze Dena has been in royal media for a long time. She is currently working at the statehouse as a spokesperson, where she has amassed wealth. She has been private about her wealth, and the details of her net worth are currently unavailable in the database. Keep tab; the details will be availed once e lay our fingers on it.
  • Kanze Dena has passed through o lot of challenges in her life, some of which may have resulted in her committing suicide. The death of both her mother and her firstborn child left her wondering if this life was fair to her. While at school, she suffered from low self-esteem because she was bow legged.
  • She was also impregnated by a man while in secondary school, and the pregnancy gave her too much stress and depression at school. She also wondered how and when she would break such sad news to her mother. However, she had decided to give up the baby for adoption immediately she delivers, but by bad lack, the baby died at three months old.
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