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Lilian Muli Biography

Lilian Muli is a popular, beautiful Kenyan journalist as well as, an entrepreneur, who works with Citizen TV and Royal Media Services.

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Lilian Muli Kanene

Lilian Muli Birthday Age

Lilian was born on 4th May 1982 in Bangkok. She is currently 38 years as of 2020 and celebrates her birthday together with her friends, family and workmates on 4th May every year.

Lilian Muli Family

 She is the second-born child in the family of three children. Her father is called Mr Henry Muli, and her mother is known as Peninah Muli Mwende. Her father, who is late was a prominent lawyer.

Lilian Muli Marriage and children

On 28th November 2008, Lilian Muli got engaged to Moses Njuguna Kanene. The engagement was done in the Standard Media Group where Lilian’s colleagues were present. Before the engagement, Lilian and Moses had known each other for four years. After the proposal, the two had their ceremonious wedding held on 5th September 2009 at the Prestigious Windsor Golf Club. The wedding ceremony was presided over by Pastor David Kabibi. The wedding was attended by 200 guests who included family members, colleagues and friends.

The couple had their honeymoon in Seychelles. The marriage is blessed with one handsome son called Joshua, who took after his father but had the personality of his mother. Joshua was born in 2010 and was a blessing to his parents. Five years after the wedding, there were internal differences between Lilia and her husband, which later on resulted to divorce. Lilian was also seen in public with Jared Nevaton, and it turned out that Jared was the fathers of her second born child.

Lilian Muli Divorce

After six years of marriage, Lilian had a disagreement with his husband resulting in divorce. Lilian signed the divorce paper on 7th January 2016, at the Magistrate’s court at Milimani in Nairobi. In divorce case No 19 of 2016, Lilian says that her husband was cheating on her with several women.

Lilian Muli Salary

As a news anchor, Lilian Muli earns a monthly salary of $2500. She is one of the richest journalists in Kenya.

Lilian Muli Wiki/Facts

Squad goals! Lillian Muli and friends celebrate her birthday in Mombasa –  Kenyan Digest
Lilian Muli
  • Full Name: Lilian Muli
  • Date of Birth: 4th May 1982
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of Birth: Bangkok
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Citizenship: Kenyan
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Profession: Journalist
  • Salary:$2500
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Employer: KTN, Citizen TV
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: Joshua Kanene and Liam
  • Lilian Muli Contacts
  • Instagram: Lilian Muli The Brand

Lilian Muli Education

Muli acquired her primary education at Livington Primary school where she obtained her first certificate. She later joined Loreto Convent Msongari Secondary School and thereafter joined the University of Daystar where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism. She also did her MBA in Strategic Management at the University of Nairobi.

Lilian Muli Career

Muli began her professional career in the year 2005 at KTN for an internship in the production department. After working with NTV for six years, Lilian resigned from KTN in December 2010 and joined the Royal Media8 Services in Citizen TV. She hosted the variety show in Citizen TV like the famous SlimPossible Show, One on One show that came after the 9.00 Pm news and the Fashion Watch on Sunday after the 9.00 pm news.

Lilian Muli and Jared Nevaton

Lilian was severally seen appearing in public with Jared Nevaton, and they’re first seen she was during the 2014 AFC Leopards 50th Anniversary. After one year, they were also seen cheering Shabana FC at Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos. The two says that they are none other than friends who met some time ago.

Lilian shared some of her pictures and those of Jared on Instagram, but later on, she erased them all. That left a question mark on social media if Jared was her new boyfriend or not. According to research, Jared Nevaton is the father of Lilian’s second-born child although the two have not confirmed yet to be husband and wife.

Lilian Muli’s Children

Currently, Lilian Muli has two boys. Her firstborn is Joshua Kanene who was born in 2010 in a marriage with Moses Kanene. Her second born is called Liam born on 22nd July 2018 and whose father is Jared Nevaton.

Lilian Muli and X-Husband

The TV presenter, Lilian Muli wished her x-husband, Mr.Kanene a happy and successful marriage with his new girlfriend. She made her wishes on 19th June 2019 when she saw the photos Kanene had posted with his new lover on social media.

In those pictures, Kanene and his lover looked happy and in a lover, Grace Nungari. In an interview, Lilian said that she felt happy on seeing her x-husband moving on with a new lover as she had also moved on. She said “They look good together and I really don’t have anything more to say. We’ve been separated been seven years, dear, Plus, why I deny him happiness, and I found happiness too? It’s all good.”

Lilian Muli Scandals

Lilian Muli has been found into different scandals like she was found at Brew Bistro Club that is located at Ngong Road, and she was accompanied by different men. She was also publicly seen with Jared Nevaton, a Shabana FC chairman who is believed to be the cause of her break up with Moses Kanene.

Muli loves Jameson drink and takes it in excess resulting in drunkards and crazy dance. Due to her being addicted to alcohol, her friends and family are now wondering what will happen to her career. It was reported in Citizen TV that she once came to work smelling booze and she threw words to her boss. Since she is the treasure to SK Macharia’s Station, she cannot be fired as easy as people may think.

Frequently asked questions about Lilian Muli

Who is Liliam Muli?

Lilian Muli is a celebrated Kenyan journalist and an entrepreneur who currently hosts shows on Citizen TV

How old is Lilian Muli?

Lilian is 38 years as of 2020, and he was born on 4th May 1982. Her birthday comes on 4th May every year.

Is Liliam Muli married?

Lilian was earlier married to Moses Kanene, but they divorced after seven months of their marriage. She was also in a relationship with Jared Nevaton, but the two parted after some time. There is no recent news about Lilian settling down with another man.

Does Lilian Muli have children?

Muli has two sons whose fathers are different. Her first child is Joshua Kanene, whose father is Moses Kanene. Her second child is Liam, and his father is Jared Nevaton.

How much does Lilian Muli earn?

Lilian Muli has a monthly salary of Ksh.250, 000

Is Lilian Muli alive or dead?

Muli is alive and in good health. There is no news of her having health-related issues.


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